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RATIONAL Road Show Nha Trang 2017

Đăng bởi BT International - 16 tháng 09, 2017

An idea to change the world
Rational put all efforts to research during more than 40 years to reach only one goal: Creating the best cooking tool. You can develop all your ideas into making your own dish with the way you want by only this tool.

Multifunctional Steaming-Grilling Oven - RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®

_ Multifunctional Cooking Control System, with 07 cooking modes, and a hundred of cooking recipes.
_ Self-cleaning
_ Saving power and water
_ No lost of food nutrition
_ Labour saving
_ Saving ingredients (ex: saving 90% cooking oil)
_ Identical food quality
_ Saving space and cooking time
_ Accurate technical parameters
_ Diversified accessories and suitable for each dish

BT International is proud to be chosen as one of the best strategic partners in Vietnamese markets of RATIONAL.

Contact info:
BT International
- Address: 149C Truong Dinh Street, Ward 9, District 3, HCM City
- Phone: (+84) 028 710 88 777
- Email: marketing@btcorp.com.vn
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